We are the United Patient Voice.

More than 160 million Americans live with a chronic disease or disability – many without effective treatments or a cure. We are working to change this.

We Get Things Done

  • We Bring Together the Entire Health Community
  • We Advance Meaningful Patient Engagement
  • We Rely on Diverse Funding Sources

How We Get Things Done

  • Reducing Health Care Costs

    The NHC developed a patient-centered framework for reducing health care costs with three driving principles: promote high-value care; stimulate research and competition; and curb costs responsibly. The NHC and its members identified four main policy priority areas that have the potential to reduce costs for patients and the health care system.

  • Health Care Reform

    The National Health Council will continue to take a leadership role to ensure the people who need health insurance coverage most - those with chronic diseases and disabilities – are considered in any efforts to replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  • 2018 NHC Chief Medical/Scientific Officers Conference

    Sharing Patient-Centered Outcomes Data: Building A Better Mousetrap Based on Learnings from the Research Community is the theme for the 2018 NHC Chief Medical/Scientific Officers Conference, October 15-16 at the Capitol Hilton in Washington, DC. FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s keynote will focus on best practices for patient-focused drug development, including how to best collect, store, integrate, and learn from the findings.

Member Resources

Our members receive a number of tools when they join our community.


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Standards of Excellence

The National Health Council demands the highest standards of accountability and ethical practice from its patient advocacy group members to assure the public that these organizations are worthy of support.