We are the United Patient Voice.

More than 133 million Americans live with a chronic disease or disability – many without effective treatments or a cure. We are working to change this.

We Get Things Done

  • NHC Report Shows Which States are Enhancing Their Exchanges
  • NHC & 100+ Organizations: Include Drug Costs in Marketplace Calculator
  • NHC Applauds King v. Burwell Decision

How We Get Things Done

  • Putting Patients First®

    The health plan you pick in the insurance marketplace will affect how much you spend out of your own pocket. Learn about the types of plans that meet your health and budget needs by using the PuttingPatientsFirst.net calculator. 

  • State Exchange Progress Reports

    State-specific progress reports assess how well a state's insurance market is designed to meet the needs of people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

  • 21st Century Cures

    Congress launched the 21st Century Cures initiative to advance the development of better treatments and cures for unmet medical needs. Issues championed by the NHC are included in the initiative. 

Member Resources

Our members receive a number of tools when they join our community.


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Patient advocacy organizations need your support to advance the development of new treatments and cures and to improve access to appropriate health care for people with chronic conditions.