The NHC Value Framework Get-Ready Checklist For Patient Organizations

There is no one strategy for patient advocacy organizations to engage with framework developers, assessors and other stakeholders. In fact, not all patient groups will need to activate immediately, though it is important to understand this conversation is here to stay! When an organization decides to engage or is even considering doing so, the strategy must be well thought out. That is why the NHC, with multi-stakeholder input, created the Value Framework Get-Ready Checklist.  

What is the Get-Ready Checklist?

A step-by-step guide for patient advocacy organizations to engage in the development, implementation, and assessment of value frameworks.

How can the Get-Ready Checklist be helpful?

If framework developers, such as the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is going to review the value of a medical product relevant to your organization’s disease area, the Checklist can help you stay organized throughout the process and ask the right questions. 

Why this matters to the patient community?

Value frameworks and assessments aim to measure the value of a new treatment. Frameworks and assessments may also be used by physicians and payers to make decisions that can affect the treatment options available to a patient. If these tools are going to be used to inform the health care community on the value of a product or what treatment options may be available -- the patient perspective must be at the forefront of this discussion. Developing any product with no value to the end-user, only makes for a wasteful and inefficient system!  

For a copy of the Checklist, please click on Value Framework Get-Ready Checklist for Patient Organizations.