Lung Cancer Alliance

Voluntary Health Agency Member

1700 K St, NW Suite 660
Washington, DC 20006

Lung Cancer Alliance is the leading and highest rated nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting lung cancer in the nation. Since 1995, we have played a critical role in every major advance – changing how we support, talk about, detect and treat the disease – and turning those impacted into survivors. Our mission is saving lives and advancing research by empowering those living with and at risk for lung cancer. Using a science-based, strategic approach, our vision is to triple the number of survivors over the next decade. Reaching this goal requires a collaborative approach that includes: Research: Increasing understandings of lung cancer through innovative research and survivor input leading to cures. Access to Quality Care: Navigating those at risk, patients and loved ones along the path of early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management to increase survival. Framing the Conversation: Changing perspectives and amplifying the voice of the community in order to get people to care about lung cancer.

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