Health Care Reform


The National Health Council (NHC) will continue to take a leadership role to ensure the people who need health insurance coverage most - those with chronic diseases and disabilities – are considered in any efforts to replace the ACA. The NHC is unyielding in the belief that regardless of who is shaping our health care system, the patient community must be heard and that people with chronic conditions must have meaningful and affordable access to health care.

Working with the NHC Board of Directors and our member organizations, the NHC has developed three core Domains and ten Values that will make sure the replacement plan meets the needs of patients. The key Domains are: ensuring meaningful and affordable access; coverage for pre-existing conditions; and eliminating annual and lifetime benefit limits.

As Congress grapples with many important decisions before it, the patient community must be an integral part of ensuring the nation’s health care system meets these core values and domains. The NHC has created resources for its members to enable the patient community to speak with one voice on behalf of people with chronic conditions.

Member Resources: