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NHC– NIH Collaborative Research Database

March 2009

The Council secured funding to develop the collaborative research database. We are partnering with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to create a tool that would make information on unfunded but worthwhile NIH research proposals available to Council members and other potential funders of health research.


The number of NIH grants that are deemed significant and of scientific and technical merit far exceeds the number that can be funded within the NIH budget. Once underway, this database will facilitate the exchange of information between potential funders and investigators. The Council’s members can avoid duplication of effort and more efficiently identify valuable research projects to fund. In addition, investigators and their respective research institutions could spend less time, effort, and resources looking for funding, and more time conducting research.


We have retained an experienced IT firm to create the National Health Council-branded website and plan to test it during 2009. NIH will notify all non-funded applicants deemed significant and of scientific and technical merit of the availability of the database. In addition, the Council will promote the database to its members and the larger research community.


This initiative is funded by grants from Pfizer and the National Institutes of Health.


Staff Contacts: Marc Boutin, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Kelly Clapp, Executive Associate.