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Health care reform is not over. The implementation work is just beginning. Join us in our effort to enact meaningful change

More than 133 million Americans have a chronic disease or disability. We are the largest users of health care, but our voice has been largely silent. That's got to change. By communicating with elected officials and the media, we can continue to advocate for health care that Puts Patients First through health care reform implementation and beyond.

The National Health Council and America's leading patient advocacy organizations work together to make your voice heard! Read the statement from NHC and the leading national patient advocacy organizations supporting affordable health care coverage for all Americans, health care that meets the 5 Principles for Putting Patients First.

We need your help to ensure that the Administration implements health care reform in a manner that will

  • Cover Everyone
  • Curb Costs Responsibly
  • Abolish Exclusions of Pre-existing Conditions
  • Eliminate Lifetime Caps
  • Ensure Access to Long-term and End-of-life Care


These five health care principles for Putting Patients First® guide our efforts to improve health care in this country. 


Learn About the Five Health Care Principles for Putting Patients First®

For a more in-depth look, click here and read how to make health care more affordable and available for all Americans.


Health care reform is not over. The implementation work is just beginning. Join us in this effort to enact meaningful change.


It’s time to Put Patients First. Won’t you join us?

Connect with People with Chronic Conditions - Comment on “A Different Normal: Living with a Chronic Condition”, a blog on WebMD, created with the help of the National Health Council. Visit the site by clicking here.

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