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Engage with People with Chronic Conditions
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Policy Initiatives

A Different Normal: Living With A Chronic Condition

"A Different Normal" is blog with a unique approach to serve people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers. The blog is part of the WebMD Health Network and was created with the help of the NHC. The web page features guest bloggers from NHC member organizations, as well as chronic disease experts from WebMD. 

Click here
to visit "A Different Normal" and share your thoughts and concerns. 


Voluntary Health Leadership Conference

Each February, the National Health Council hosts a Voluntary Health Leadership Conference specifically for the chief staff and volunteer leaders of member patient advocacy organizations to learn about the latest in medical research and health care policy, and to share best organizational practices. To aid member organizations meet their respective missions, the NHC posts some of the materials and messages from the Conferences. Visit the Voluntary Health Leadership Conference page to view the presentations and interviews.

Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is an easy-to-use, web-based service that provides a simple, immediate way for friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to assist loved ones in need. The service includes a private group calendar, specifically designed for organizing helpers, where everyone can pitch in with meals delivery, rides, and other tasks necessary for life to run smoothly during times of medical crisis, end-of-life caring, or family caregiver exhaustion. It's also a place to keep these "circles of community" informed with status updates, photo galleries, message boards, and more. It’s free and private.

To create a Lotsa Helping Hands caregiving community, click here.

Policy Initiatives

The National Health Council engages in policy initiatives designed to address health needs of people with chronic diseases and disabilities. All of the NHC’s policy programs are conducted using evidence-based research. The process typically includes a comprehensive literature review, focus groups, and message development on issues that are important to patients and family caregivers. The research findings help shape the NHC’s policy initiatives in these areas.

NHC Policy Initiatives Include:

Addressing Unmet Needs of Patients
Health Care Reform
Federal Appropriations
FDA Issues