The NHC is focused on ensuring the voice of patients and patient organizations are included in the value discussion. The NHC has developed:

  • NHC Patient-Centered Value Model Rubric: The purpose of the Value Model Rubric is to provide a tool the patient community, physicians, health systems, and payers can use to evaluate the patient-centeredness of value models (frameworks) and guide value model developers on the meaningful incorporation of patient engagement throughout their processes.
  • NHC Value Framework Get-Ready Checklist: This Checklist is intended to help patients and patient advocacy groups become more engaged in discussions on value. With value framework developers, it shows ways in which they can better consider the patient perspective. Not all patient groups will need to activate immediately. But, for those learning that value frameworks are planned for the disease and treatments they care about, the Checklist serves as a guide to begin their education and activation.

*Coming Soon: Health Economics.