Affinity Groups


Affinity Groups bring together staff from member organizations who share similar responsibilities. They gather to discuss issues common to their area of work and offer advice to National Health Council staff.

Chief Development Officers Affinity Group

This group of chief development officers from NHC members meets to share examples of best practices and discuss common concerns, such as policy and regulatory issues that impact income development.

Chief Executive Officers Affinity Group

Made up of member chief executive officers, this group meets three times annually to learn from nationally recognized experts and each other and network. Meetings focus on emerging issues in health care policy, fundraising best practices, and nonprofit organization management. 


Chief Financial Officers Affinity Group

This group provides important opportunities for information sharing and problem solving among the chief financial officers of NHC members. The group also includes the chief financial officers of the social welfare organizations that belong to the National Human Services Assembly. The CFOs have full-day meetings, with agendas of their own making, featuring outside experts on emerging tax and regulatory issues, government oversight, compensation and benefits, and the like.

Chief Medical/Scientific Officers and Research Directors Group Affinity Group

This group of chief medical, science, and research officers meet annually and also convene at the Annual Chief Medical/Scientific Officers (CM/SO) Conference. CM/SO Affinity Group meetings and conferences bring together leaders from patient groups, nonprofit organizations, and industry. Previous meeting and conferences have focused on the science and impact of patient engagement in research, care delivery, and patient outcomes. 


Communications Affinity Group

Made up of the senior public relations and communications professionals in member VHAs and nonprofit organizations, this group meets twice a year to map coordinated strategies on issues that affect all VHAs and to discuss issues of common concern.

Government Relations Affinity Group (GRAG)

This group, made up of the senior government relations staff, promotes the exchange of ideas and sharing of common solutions among members. GRAG meets to work on policy issues and convenes an annual Washington Representatives Retreat, which allows staff to focus on important strategic, operational, and policy development issues.