Social Media Toolkit

The 115th Congress currently is working to repeal the Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). To ensure meaningful and affordable patient access to care, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and the elimination of annual and lifetime benefit caps, we encourage all patient advocacy organizations to utilize the following social media tools to urge Congress to Put Patients First and consider the consequences of limiting access to care for the 133 million Americans with chronic diseases and disabilities. 

NHC members and their constituents should follow the National Health Council on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage on those platforms.

In order to present a unified voice on the need for continued access for people with chronic conditions, the NHC has put together the following tools for patient organizations and their constituents to use on social media.

Commonly Used Hashtags

There are several hashtags being used by various organizations to promote continued access to health care including:





We encourage you to use the hashtag #PuttingPatientsFirst to help us track engagement. But, feel free to use others as you see fit.

Tag Your Member of Congress

No one matters more to Members of Congress than the people who live in their states and districts. When tweeting about the importance of ACA patient protections, please be sure to tag your Representatives and Senators in your posts to bring additional visibility to the posts. C-SPAN has compiled a list of Twitter handles for members of Congress. 

General Tweets to Share

  • We want to help ensure access to affordable coverage to those with #chronicconditions: #PuttingPatientsFirst
  • #ACA replacement must maintain affordable health coverage: #ProtectPatientsNow
  • Let's ensure health plans offer comprehensive coverage options with affordable costs: #ProtectPatientsNow
  • We support the affordability & stability of premiums for all patients: #ProtectPatientsNow
  • People with #chronicconditions shouldn't pay higher premiums than anyone else: #ProtectPatientsNow

General Facebook Post

  • As Congress and the new administration consider a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, immediate steps are necessary to ensure stable health insurance coverage, guarantee the continuity of health care access, and a continued on limitations on coverage of pre-existing conditions. Health insurance needs to be more affordable and accessible, and should offer comprehensive coverage options, including preventative services, long-term and end-of-life care, robust provider networks, and formularies with affordable and predictable out-of-pocket costs. For more information, visit:

ACA Repeal-Related Tweets

  • The Senate shouldn't vote to repeal #ACA without a replacement, just as it shouldn't replace it with #GrahamCassidy. Both are bad for patients.
  • Instead of repeal, Congress should work on bipartisan fixes to #ACA. #ProtectOurCare
  • Congress should make sure those with chronic diseases and disabilities, who need it most, have access to meaningful, affordable health care.

Graham-Cassidy-Related Tweets

  • Without affordable access to #healthcare, many w/ chronic diseases & disabilities will find treatments out of reach
  • Tell your Senator to vote NO on #GrahamCassidy. Its impact on people with chronic conditions would be devastating. #ProtectPatientsNow
  • Under #GrahamCassidy, people with chronic conditions would pay more for less. This is unacceptable. #coveragematters #ProtectPatientsNow
  • Under #GrahamCassidy, states could opt out of "essential health benefits" requirements, leading to less coverage for people with chronic conditions.
  • People w #chronicconditions pay higher premiums under #GrahamCassidy. #Puttingpatientsfirst means comprehensive coverage w affordable costs.
  • The proposed cuts to #Medicaid under #GrahamCassidy will harm the nation’s poorest and sickest populations. #coveragematters #protectourcare
  • Financially disadvantaged may be unable 2 manage their #chronic disease/disability w/o needed resources & subsidies #ProtectPatientsNow
  • The cuts to #Medicaid will harm the nation’s most vulnerable: #ProtectPatientsNow
  • Congress needs to revise #Medicaid cuts & financial aid & to keep patients at the center of the #healthcare debate. #ProtectPatientsNow
  • As members of @NHCouncil, the patient advocacy community is united in protecting patient access 2 low-cost #healthcare. #ProtectPatientsNow

ACA Repeal- Related Facebook Posts

  • The Congressional Budget Office estimates that repealing the Affordable Care Act puts 32 million people in danger of losing coverage, doubles the cost of premiums, and would collapse the existing insurance marketplaces. Instead, Congress should work on bipartisan solutions to fix current issues with the ACA, and make sure that Americans, especially those with chronic diseases and disabilities who need it most, have access to meaningful and affordable health care.
  • Repealing ACA without a replacement is a dangerous idea that will increase the cost of health care exponentially for those with preexisting conditions. Tell your Senators to vote NO on ACA repeal.

Graham-Cassidy-Related Facebook Posts

  • As it is written now, the Graham-Cassidy bill is unacceptable since millions of Americans may lose access to health insurance. The National Health Council asks Congress to reconsider the cuts to Medicaid and financial assistance, and to Put Patients First, by keeping them at the center of the health care debate. As members of the National Health Council, the patient advocacy community is united in protecting patient access to affordable health care. For more, visit
  • Tell your Senator to vote “No” on the Graham-Cassidy bill. It will have a devastating impact on people with chronic conditions if passed. The bill will allow states to opt out of the essential health benefits requirements, which will lead to insurance that does not cover as many products and services that people with chronic conditions need.

Social Graphics

Following are social graphics that can be used with the existing social content or as stand-alone posts. Feel free to create your own or use the ones below. Just right-click and save! And don’t forget the hashtag, #PuttingPatientsFirst!