We are the united voice for patients with chronic diseases or disabilities and their family caregivers.

We Get Things Done

  • We Bring Together the Entire Health Community
  • We Advance Meaningful Patient Engagement
  • We Value Transparency

How We Get Things Done

  • 2019 Science of Patient Engagement Symposium

    Join us on Oct. 28-29 in Washington, DC. At this meeting, research leaders share - with a broad scientific audience - their experiences, accomplishments, best practices, and resulting impacts on medicine and science regarding patient centricity. 

  • Domains and Values

    The NHC regularly releases sets of domains and values on important health care topics, which outline our policy priorities for each issue. Each set of domains and values is developed with input from our members and is approved by the NHC Board of Directors. Issue areas include Entitlement Reform, Reducing Health Care Costs for Patients, and Medicare Part D. 

  • The NHC Rubric to Capture the Patient Voice

    Over the past few decades a cultural shift has been occurring in the health care ecosystem. There is finally broad consensus in the US and globally that patients should be engaged in all aspects of health, from research, to developing a new treatment, to care delivery, and in policy. However, there remains confusion about and misuse of what it means to be patient centered and how to achieve meaningful patient engagement. To this end, we created the NHC Rubric to Capture the Patient Voice: A Guide to Incorporating the Patient Voice into the Health Ecosystem.

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Standards of Excellence

The National Health Council demands the highest standards of accountability and ethical practice from its patient advocacy group members to assure the public that these organizations are worthy of support.