We are the united voice for patients with chronic diseases or disabilities and their family caregivers.

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  • We Bring Together the Entire Health Community
  • We Advance Meaningful Patient Engagement
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How We Get Things Done

  • Clinical Outcome Assessment

    There is growing interest in clinical outcomes assessments, such as patient-reported outcomes, and patient-centeredness across the healthcare ecosystem. For example, in 2019, the Food and Drug Administration will release two new guidance documents on clinical outcome assessment. The NHC seeks to ensure that the NHC membership is prepared to engage in conversations about clinical outcome assessment.

  • Putting Patients First: NHC Blog

    Check out our blog, Putting Patients First, where we discuss trends, innovations, efforts, and challenges in patient-centered health care. Here we highlight NHC programs, breaking news, and events that demonstrate how critical the voice of the patient is in shaping the health care environment.

  • NHC Educational Program: Health Economics

    We launched our second online educational series, In the Pursuit of Value: An Introduction to Health Economics and Value Assessment. The series, comprised of seven modules, focuses on the basics of health economics and value assessment. 

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The National Health Council demands the highest standards of accountability and ethical practice from its patient advocacy group members to assure the public that these organizations are worthy of support.