The Benefits of NHC Membership

Friday, September 21, 2018

By: Kelly Garrity, NHC Senior Director, Member Services and Development

The National Health Council (NHC) brings together diverse stakeholders within the health community and has a record of successfully influencing health policy to protect health care quality and access for those with chronic diseases and disabilities. The NHC is made up of more than 120 national health-related organizations, divided into five membership categories:

Members of the NHC play an essential role in identifying and tackling complex issues with noteworthy stakeholders in health care. This commitment reinforces the NHC’s position as the indispensable link between the patient advocacy community and the policymakers whose decisions on systematic health issues impact them.

Benefits of NHC membership include:

  • Strengthening your voice in Washington on systemic health issues that affect all patients – such as improving access to care, advancing the creation of new treatments, and reducing health care costs.
  • Participation in our policy action teams, affinity groups, ad hoc briefings, and conferences (like our upcoming Chief Medical/Scientific Officer Conference)
  • Gaining knowledge on current issues facing the nonprofit sector, such as new federal overtime rules, changes in charity rating systems, and methods for communicating impact.
  • Access to relevant policy work such as: comment letters, draft working documents on policy positions, and recently released white papers.

Coming soon, we’ll feature NHC members periodically on our blog. For more information on NHC membership, feel free to send me an email.