Chief Executive Officer

National Hemophilia Foundation
Posted Date: 
Friday, August 2, 2019
New York, NY
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in partnership with the Board of Directors, sets the strategic direction of the organization and directs the senior management team. He/she will evaluate strategic long and short-term opportunities and direct the planning and administration of programs, partnerships, and policy work of National Hemophilia Foundation. As chief spokesperson and fundraiser, the CEO will represent and advocate for the organization with governmental leaders and policymakers and encourage and solicit donors and prospective donors to create the resources required to allow the organization to meet the needs of its constituents. The successful CEO will continue to have a significant positive impact on the individuals in need, their families and communities, and advance the efforts to find a cure for hemophilia.

Specific Responsibilities:
As CEO of National Hemophilia Foundation, develops and recommends to the Board of Trustees specific strategic and operating long range plans for the development and implementation of programs, services, and advocacy priorities.

  • Represents the organization to its various stakeholders – chapters, funders, partnering agencies, governmental agencies, families, children, and the community.
  • Promotes strong governance and builds board capacity, assisting the board in recruiting new board directors as necessary.
  • Leads/stewards the organizational culture and values; models mission-focused commitment.
  • Ensures the financial sustainability of the organization through sound financial management, business planning, and resource development, particularly major gifts fundraising.
  • Supervises and develops talent and leadership capacity of senior management team, evaluates their individual performance, and builds capacity throughout the organization.
  • Oversees the evaluation of NHF programs, contextualizes the results, and creates programs in response to the need in the community.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with federal agencies, legislators, relevant government employees, and oversees NHF’s lobbying efforts.
  • Builds brand visibility and value; promotes the blood disorder communities through direct involvement and through public relations programs. Serves as the “public face” of the organization.
  • Gives overall direction to, and leads the fundraising activities of National Hemophilia Foundation.
  • Maintains appropriate relations with various public/private funding bodies and planning and advocacy organizations.
  • Participates in national, state, and local organizations that are compatible with the mission, vision, values and direction of National Hemophilia Foundation.
  • Participates in and provides leadership in strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Stewards and builds assets in service to the mission (financial, talent, facilities).

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