NHC Job Bank

The National Health Council has created this special page for its members to post job openings and to foster the unique talent pool of patient advocacy organizations. For more information on posting a job, click here.


Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups bring together staff from member organizations to discuss cross-cutting issues common to their area of work such as tax reform, communicating in an uncertain environment, and revenue trends. In addition, these conversations inform the development of additional National Health Council (NHC) programming.

The NHC engages with all departments of member organizations to include:

Action Teams

Action Teams are comprised of participants from all National Health Council (NHC) member categories. Action Teams operationalize the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors and the NHC Board Policy Committee. Each team meets monthly to discuss issues in its assigned area, vet policy and position statements, and develop advocacy strategies. Action Teams are an important and integral part of the policy-making function of the NHC.

The current NHC Action Teams are


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